Krav Maga Sheffield – Authentic Self Defence

Is Krav Maga Sheffield suitable for me?


Spartans Academy of Krav Maga Sheffield are South Yorkshire’s leading providers of Krav Maga training, offering world class self defence coaching and body-sculpting workouts in a sociable setting to students of all abilities.

Our weekly Krav Maga Sheffield training sessions are built to bolster your strength and boost your fitness, all whilst you train alongside a great group of people in a fun-filled environment. Join our vibrant classes and you’ve already taken a giant step towards becoming proficient in the unbeatable self defence system that’s used by top level security staff and special armed forces around the globe.


Who can join Krav Maga Sheffield?

Our doors are open to all comers. It makes no difference to us whether you’re a man or a woman, big or small, strong or weak – everyone deserves the chance to learn how to defend themselves properly. You’ll find a fantastically diverse array of human beings at Krav Maga Sheffield classes, with just one thing in common: they all know how to handle themselves when they’re under attack!

We’re so confident that you’ll feel happy and at home in our classes that we’d like to offer you a free trial session – come along next Tuesday for a 2-hour Krav Maga taster!

My fitness isn’t up to scratch. Can I still join?

If you’re unhappy with your current level of physical fitness, you only have more to gain by joining Spartans Academy of Krav Maga Newcastle. Our Chief Instructor Gheorghe Husar designs our classes on two levels: first and foremost, you’ll learn the Krav Maga system. Secondly, you’ll get a great physical workout that can be tweaked to suit your level of fitness. A wide range of people attend our classes, from dedicated athletes to relative couch potatoes. Whether you’re the former, the latter or somewhere in between, you’ll find a path to a healthier body with Krav Maga Newcastle.

How old is too old for Krav Maga?

Spartans Academy of Krav Maga Sheffield warmly welcomes older students who wish to learn how to defend themselves – at the time of writing our oldest member is eighty years old and going strong! You’re never too old to improve your fitness and pick up some potentially life-saving self defence skills.

I’ve never done martial arts before. Will this be a problem?

It may actually be an advantage! Students who take up Krav Maga after learning a traditional martial art sometimes find it difficult to break out of old habits and embrace the new fighting system. Like learning a language or doing circuits, the first martial art you learn is always the easiest!

What if I’m not a natural fighter?

You’ll be amazed at how quickly our training will provide you with the fitness and techniques you need to protect yourself if you are ever faced with a violent threat. The discipline of Krav Maga is not suitable for naturally aggressive people; it is a self defence system by definition. You won’t use the formidable skills you learn to intimidate or bully others. You’ll use them to protect yourself when absolutely necessary.

But I never get into trouble!

It’s impossible to say whether you’ll ever become the target of an aggressor. Some people live their whole lives without ever encountering this kind of trouble – but many of us do not.
After spending just one evening with Krav Maga Sheffield, your risk of injury at the hands of an assailant will have diminished. The more you train with us and the more you learn, the safer you’ll be whenever you walk the streets.